Tips for Property Investment in Auckland

1. Find the right location for your property investment

Solution Street has become a very successful property developer by building homes in the neighbourhoods where people love to live. The “location, location, location” adage is just as relevant to tenants as it is to homeowners, and the more desirable the location, the more secure your property investment will be.

We were one of the first companies to take advantage of the Unitary Plan and use innovative master-planning to unlock the true potential of sites. This has enabled us to deliver breakthrough solutions to Auckland’s housing demand and create new build investment property.

We are building the homes people want, where they want them, and our homes are significantly more affordable.

2. If you want a quality property investment, don’t buy a ‘rental’

Solution Street builds homes that we are proud of and that our purchasers are proud to own because we are committed to delivering outstanding value for money. This value is immediately evident in the build quality and the specification of materials, finishes and appliances. All these elements will serve to attract tenants who genuinely value living in your property and may also be willing to pay a premium to do so.

The standard picture of a rental being the damp, rotten house that no one would want to buy is fast being replaced by good quality properties that attract long-term tenants.

3. Reduce the risk of unexpected costs

That bargain property that will only need a lick of paint and a lawnmower through the yard could end up swallowing any rent you were looking forward to and fill up your weekends with maintenance hassles.

A new-build Solution Street property has been independently checked at every stage of construction to ensure it meets building code. There are no hidden problems and thanks to our guaranteed price no unexpected costs on the way to handing over the keys.

Our homes are also complete with almost everything you expect in a home. The kitchen is equipped with quality appliances, there’s a heat pump, burglar alarm and the outdoor area is fully fenced and landscaped.

It’s also worthwhile noting that all our developments include residents’ societies that include the provision for maintenance of the common areas; these are tasks that even the best tenants will not be interested in looking after.

Unless your rental property is going to be the unwelcome hobby that fills up your weekends with chores and maintenance, a new-build property is the practical option.

4. Know your legal obligations

Your residential property investment in NZ will have to comply with the laws in the Residential Tenancies Act, this includes meeting the governments Healthy Homes standards which cover minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and more. There are thousands of rental properties in New Zealand that will fail this test and you don’t want yours to be one of them.

With a Solution Street home, you can be confident in knowing that your property has been built to exceed the NZ Residential Building Code, comply with the Healthy Homes standards, and has been independently awarded at least a 6 Homestar rating.

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