First Home Partner

First Home Partner is a shared ownership scheme provided by the New Zealand government through Kāinga Ora. It helps first home buyers whose deposit isn’t quite enough to bridge the gap and purchase a home that meets their needs.

How much help can First Home Partner provide me?

Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and you could receive a contribution of up to $200,000 towards your home purchase. You’ll need to meet the First Home Partner criteria. These requirements include a 5% deposit and planning to live in the property for at least three years from your settlement date.

To check your eligibility, visit the Kāinga Ora website.

What is First Home Partner shared ownership?

Shared ownership means that you initially share ownership of the home with Kāinga Ora. You are the majority homeowner and the occupier, but they will own a share of the home that you will buy out over time. It won’t feel very different from full ownership of the home from day to day and is a great way to get your foot on the property ladder.

What type of property can I buy with First Home Partner?

Homes eligible for First Home Partner must be new builds. There are no price caps, but you will need to be able to contribute a 5% deposit and service the repayments on the mortgage.

Solution Street Can Help

The friendly team at Solution Street understand how intimidating all this paperwork can be to first home buyers, which is why we support you through every step of the process, including providing advice on your First Home Partner application. We provide complete, beginning-to-end new-build home solutions, so you can take advantage of the government help available to you and own your first home!

Contact us today for tailored First Home Partner advice and see how we can help turn your dreams of a first home into a reality.