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The Best Auckland Neighbourhoods to Buy Your First Home

If you’re buying a house in Auckland, choosing from the city’s vast array of lovely suburbs will be one of your most exciting challenges. Today, a handful of Auckland suburbs have separated themselves from the crowd as prime locations for first home buyers. New developments, active communities, quality schools, and access to the bustle of Auckland’s commercial centre are all aspects that first home buyers often pay attention to.

If you’re in the market for your first home, check out Solution Street’s picks for some of the most promising Auckland neighbourhoods to consider.

1. Ellerslie

Ellerslie has become one of the most desirable suburbs in Auckland for young, professional couples. Therefore, it’s also a hotbed for first home buyers! Ellerslie is easily accessible to the Central Business District by bus and rail and is plugged into Great South Road and the Southern Motorway. The trendy neighbourhood also boasts quality schools and local festivals and events that bring the community together.

2. Henderson

According to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, Henderson is one of the top two suburbs in Auckland for millennials, who today are the majority of first home buyers. Easy access to shopping, parks, and cafes have made Henderson a vibrant gateway between West and Central Auckland, but new developments haven’t robbed the area of its charm.

3. Mangere Bridge

Situated just south of the Mangere Inlet, Mangere Bridge is now attracting the first home buyers that had only recently been flocking to nearby Onehunga. Mangere Bridge is a healthy community with a surprising amount of activity, connected to the city via the South Western Motorway. Residential properties here are well priced, particularly if you’re willing to live a few minutes from the waterfront, and is cradled in a wealth of beautiful parks.

4. Glen Eden

Sitting on the fringes of the Waitakere Ranges, Glen Eden at once feels like a neighbourhood on the rise and yet very much in touch with its roots. Built around the historic Glen Eden Train Station, this lovely suburb offers great access to both the thrills of city living and the serenity of nature. Glen Eden is the perfect suburb for first home buyers who want a balanced lifestyle.

5. Beach Haven

Once one of the cheapest suburbs in Auckland, Beach Haven is today very much a neighbourhood on the rise. Booming West Auckland suburbs like Hobsonville and West Harbour have made Beach Haven feel more a part of the city proper and less an area on the fringe. These days, the area on the North Shore’s waterfront is flush with young first home buyers, giving it a vibrant and active feeling. Beach Haven is also a beautiful spot, with many of the area’s native birds and trees still very present on every street.

Find the right home in the right neighbourhood

Solution Street has developed quality freehold homes in each of these promising communities. We’ve worked hard to select the best neighbourhoods for our Homestar rated homes. Affordable houses in Auckland have never looked this good. Contact our friendly team here at Solution Street to start your journey to your first home today!